If you are in Japan, you’d see plenty of chocolate at stores in February. It’s funny because we can see many events in stores. It’s very natural for me that seeing seasons passing from products’ line up on shelfs and it’s just mixed up. For example shops start off clearing all Christmas items after they closed then set up items for new year. Stores look very different before and after.   Valentine’s day is also same, I thought that I … [More]


  What’s CONBINI?? If you have ever stayed in Japan, you would feel Japanese convenience stores are quite different than other countries. I was also surprised when I went to convenience stores in AU and US. The reason why, I realized Japanese “conbini”=shorten word of convenience store, is almost magic because there are tons of variety items in each stores. besides, a property of each store is not large but still they would be able to cover most daily essentials … [More]

Japanese Culture Obon 【お盆】

  If you are in Japan, you may hear many times this word “Obon(お盆)” in summer. Yes, it’s known as summer vacation for many people. Many Japanese visit  hometown and see family around 15th August , but actually it’s a traditional summer event. You would have fan if you know more about this unique culture.  Let’s find out the detail!   What’s Obon?? In ordinary, Obon is around 13th – 16th August nowadays, however, it was days that people welcome … [More]


TANABATA  7th July Have you ever heard TANABATA story? Did you wish something? We generally celebrate TANABATA on 7th July with writhing wishes on little colorful Origami papers and hang on bamboo. It is absolutely lovely view and you might see magnificent one in some festivals!! Today I’m going to introduce some stories of TANABATA and I’m happy if you got to like Japan more! Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess, named Orihime (織姫・おりひめ), very good a … [More]

Japanese Public Holiday in February

  Are you interested in about Japanese public holidays? If yes, you are at correct place!  There are 2 days in February which are 11th and 23rd. I am going to explain about this 11th’s holiday in this page because 23rd’s is Emperor’s birthday, doesn’t need more words to know it. Now, 11th is 建国記念の日(けんこくきねん の ひ) and it sounds like independent day. Many countries established the day as law to celebrate their independence. Or some countries established it as … [More]

Japanese culture Setsubun 【節分】and Eho-maki

Most people from overseas may be wondering when you see big sushi rolls are sold in stores today, 2nd Feb.  It’s called ‘EHO-MAKI’. Today I’m going to tell you about all of this unique culture!  The Roots It is said that Eho-maki originated around Edo era and Meiji era, from Osaka. People (mostly merchants and Geisha, traditional female Japanese entertainers) ate it while wishing their business success and prosperity. Basically they put 7 ingredients inside after 七福 shichi-fuku (seven good … [More]


If you like houses that is modern and great location, you are right place. I hope you enjoy this blog.   BUREAU D LIBRE is one of middle size share house in our properties and has 3 floors. 1st floor is for male, 2nd floor is for both, 3rd floor is for female. ★There are mail boxes individually and auto lock system. ★This is room 303, for female. There are a bed, a desk/chair, a fridge, a AC, a pair … [More]


We have a new promotion for MIRAIZU KAMI-ITABASHI!!! We usually ask ¥44,000 (tax included) as initial fee but just this time it’s all free!! You will be asked only guarantor company’s register fee ¥10,000 + rent of the month. (Depending on move-in date, we may ask you pay rent for next month). Please ask us the details. MIRAIZU-KAMI-ITABASHI is a retro Japanese flat but renovated for share house with keep the cute retro style. It’s located in a peaceful residential … [More]

Half Rent Promotion Now!!!

  Hello there! 2 share houses are on promotion now! →→HALF RENT FOR 3 MONTHS AVAILABLE!!! SETAGAYA/SANGENJAYA AREA HIIPO HOUSE SAKURA in Setagaya-ku. ¥25,000  JPY for the first 3 months!! 10mins on foot from Kamimachi station on Tokyu Setagaya line. Bus is also useful because it reaches Shibuya and Sangenjaya directly. The nearest bus stop is 4 mins on foot from the share house. All room is furnished with a fridge, a bed, a mini TV, an AC, a desk/chair, … [More]


  Hi there! I’m going to introduce you a share house in Setagaya-ku, very popular and traditional area. If you have searched Japanese traditional anime, you might have heard ‘SAZAE-SAN(サザエさん)’ which is a peaceful home comedy. What a surprise! It was 4 panels comic on a local newspaper in 1946, then anime series has been broadcasting for 51 years since 1696! It’s registered Guinness World Records too. The family’s address is in Setagaya-ku in the story, that is why you … [More]

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