Japanese Public Holiday in February

  Are you interested in about Japanese public holidays? If yes, you are at correct place!  There are 2 days in February which are 11th and 23rd. I am going to explain about this 11th’s holiday in this page because 23rd’s is Emperor’s birthday, doesn’t need more words to know it. Now, 11th is 建国記念の日(けんこくきねん の ひ) and it sounds like independent day. Many countries established the day as law to celebrate their independence. Or some countries established it as … [More]

Japanese culture Setsubun 【節分】and Eho-maki

Most people from overseas may be wondering when you see big sushi rolls are sold in stores today, 2nd Feb.  It’s called ‘EHO-MAKI’. Today I’m going to tell you about all of this unique culture!  The Roots It is said that Eho-maki originated around Edo era and Meiji era, from Osaka. People (mostly merchants and Geisha, traditional female Japanese entertainers) ate it while wishing their business success and prosperity. Basically they put 7 ingredients inside after 七福 shichi-fuku (seven good … [More]

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