I love living at Hippo House Kita Toda.

woman 20代 M.V
I love living at Hippo House Kita Toda. It's a great way to meet new people from all over the world. Even though there are so many different people living here, with different backgrounds and interests, we all have our love for Japan in common. And because we all live together it's fun to hang out in the living room and very easy to meet up to go out together. When I first arrived in the sharehouse, I was also surprised by the large rooms and close distance to the trainstation. Within 20 minutes you can reach some stations in Tokyo and a lot of stations in Saitama, so it's fast and easy to get around. There are also lots of kombini, some restaurants, izakaya a supermarket and a karaoke bar within 5 minutes walking distance, which makes it a very convenient place to live. I can't wait to make more amazing memories with everyone in the Hippo House.


Nice building with nice tenants and the train access really works for me

man 20代 N.V
I have heard stories about dirty share houses in the city but this building is very well maintained with a cleaning lady that visit every week. The tenants are very friendly with many Japanese people living here so I can have the opportunity to learn and practice the language. I also really like the area around the station.

We use both English as well Japanese to communicate.

man 20代 Mr.Sarang
I feel very comfortable here. Please join Hippo House if you are considering this building. It is great to do cultural exchange. See you soon!

How is it living in a HIPPO HOUSE Share House?

Yes, I feel comfortable here. First of all, it is very close to railway station. Supermarkets are close. Environment in Dormitory is very friendly and pleasant. In Dormitory there are many facilities are made available e.g. internet, TV, computer, DVD player, AC in every room and most importantly they are free of cost.

Do you interact with other tenants?
In addition, is the conversation in English or Japanese?

Yes, it was very easy for me to make friends here. People here are very friendly. People living here are from different countries. So we use both English as well as Japanese to communicate.

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