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-Located in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Saitama, this location offers great access to hubs such as Omiya and even central Tokyo, such as Ueno in 35mins, Tokyo in 40 mins, Ikebukuro in 26mins, Shinjuku in 35mins,,,)

-Living room is big enough to play billiards !

4 minute walk from Kita Urawa Station - JR Keihin Tohoku Line
  • 9-13-11 Tokiwa, Urawaku, Saitama City, SAITAMA
  • 59,000yen~

3 month half rent☆
From Kamimachi it's a short ride to nearby Sangenjaya and Shibuya for this affordable option in the classy and quiet area of Kamimachi, Setagaya.
Kamimachi Station - Tokyu Setagaya Line
Okura Land - Tokyu Bus, Odakyu Bus (to Shibuya and Sangenjaya)
  • Setagaya, Tokyo
  • From Kamimachi Station, ride the historical Tokyu Setagaya tramway nine minutes to Sangenjaya Station, and from there reach Shibuya in four minutes.
  • ¥50,000

FREE MOVE OUT FEE (Will be charged against intentional or fault damage)
The REASONABLE and CONVENIENT Sharehouse in Itabashi area.
Kami-Itabashi Station, Tobu Tojo Line (15 mins. WALK)
Shimura 3 Chome Station, Toei Mita Line (3-5 mins. by BUS)
Heiwadai Station, Tokyo Metro (6 mins. by BUS)
*4 mins. walk to Kampachi Wakagi 2 Chome Bus stop
  • Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo
  • 28,800 yen ~
La Sola offers great access to Ueno, Asakusa, Kita-Senju, and Nishi-Nippori. This modern house is comfortable, very well equipped and close to the station.
Nishiarai Station - Tobu Skytree Line
  • Adachi, Tokyo
  • ¥54,000 〜 ¥56,000
A new promotion started! You can get a discount, rent drop down to half price for first 3 months (1st floor vacancy only).
A classy building with stylish rooms exclusively for women with superb train access.
Ushigome Kagurazaka - Toei Oedo Line
Ichigaya - Namboku and Yurakucho Subway Line, JR Sobu line, Toei Shinjuku Line
  • Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • ¥65,000 〜 ¥75,000
Located in a quiet suburban neighborhood in Saitama, this location offers great access to hubs such as Omiya and even central Tokyo.
Kita Urawa Station - JR Keihin Tohoku Line
  • Saitama, Urawa
  • 63,000 〜 66,000
3 months half rent promotion is available. (contract term more than 6 months only)
Gotanda, Osaki, and even Kawasaki are all within reach from this Shinagawa-ku share house located on the Tokyu Oimachi Line.
Ebaramachi Station - Tokyu Oimachi Line
  • Shinagawa, Tokyo
  • ¥60,000 〜 ¥64,000
You can get half rent coupon for the first 3 months during this campaign.
(More than 6 month stay at this sharehouse is needed to apply this campaign.)
Eleven minutes from Ikebukuro station, direct access to Shinjuku-Sanchome & Shibuya via the Fukutoshin Line, Ichigaya and Iidabashi via the Yurakucho Line.
Chikatetsu Akatsuka Station - Tokyo Metro Yurakucho/Fukutoshin Line
  • Itabashi, Tokyo
  • ¥50,000 〜 ¥53,000
Located on the outskirts of Tokyo with great access to Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Shibuya via three train lines: Yurakucho, Fukutoshin and Tobu Tojo line.
Mizuhodai Station - Tobu Tojo Line
  • Fujimi, Saitama
  • ¥39,000
This Saitama location is a multicultural share house with people from all corners of the world. Hit all the major hubs in Tokyo via the JR Saikyo Line.
Kita-Toda Station - JR Saikyo Line
  • Kita-Toda, Saitama

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