How can I find different room photos for each building?
You can request room pics when you send an inquiry or scroll down to the bottom of each 'house page' and view the gallery pics.
Can I meet tenants before I move in?
We do not make such arrangements, but you may be able to meet some of the tenants when you come to see our rooms on the day of the house showing. Feel free to ask a few questions if you like!
Do you ask for payment in advance?
There are some cases where we do require payment in advance. For example, can secure a room in advance, and also for short-term bookings we may ask for the entire period possibly.
How can I check the availability for each of the properties on your site?
Please click on 'VACANCY' which is one of the headings on each house page. You can also find the list of available rooms by scrolling down to the bottom of each page.
How can I send an inquiry?
Please click on the yellow 'INQUIRY' box at the top right of our main page.
How far in advance can a reservation be made?
We try to allow for early bookings to be made one month in advance but please ask our staff since it depends on how many rooms are available and other factors.
Is there a reservation deposit when making an advance booking?
To secure a room a in advance, we do ask for a reservation deposit amount of ¥20,000 and it would serve as a partial payment towards the move in costs.
How long can I hold a room for?
You may be asked to pay a reservation deposit of ¥20,000 to secure a room.
How can I reserve a room?
STEP 1: Send an INQUIRY by clicking on 'INQUIRY' at the top of our main page.
STEP 2: After our staff have replied and confirmed the booking you will complete the application form.
STEP 3: An invoice will be sent to you and you will indicate which payment method you wish to choose.
STEP 4: You will initiate payment, our staff will confirm the transaction has been successful and we will schedule the move-in procedure with you.
What is GTN and what does the guarantor do?
GTN (Global Trust Network) steps in to help all parties since there can be language difficulties and other issues when it comes to rent collection etc. GTN acts as insurance and makes things much easier for all parties.
Is GTN necessary for every tenant?
For short-term stays of less than three months you are not required to participate in the GTN procedure.
What is the minimum stay for all HIPPO buildings?
We prefer a three month minimum stay, however we will accept a one month stay with certain conditions. Please inquire for further information.
Is there a curfew?
We don't have any curfew or closing times for the common areas in any of our buildings but we do encourage tenants to keep the noise levels down late at night so people can unwind and relax after a busy day!
Are pets allowed in any of the share houses?
Unfortunately we cannot allow any pets in any of our buildings.
What documents are required for the rental process?
We ask each person to submit passport, alien registration card pics (non-Japanese). In some cases, other documents such as proof of employment or student ID is required. Our staff will provide the necessary info during the application process.
Do each of the houses have cleaning staff?
We do have cleaners visit the different locations every week. They clean the common areas only and tenants are responsible for keeping their own rooms clean.
Are rooms cleaned prior to moving in?
Each room is inspected and cleaned before a tenant moves in.
What are the rooms furnished with?
Each room is furnished with an air conditioner/heating unit, a single bed, desk/chair set, and small fridge.
Can I bring my own furniture?
There are some exceptions made for long-term tenants. Please consult with our staff for clarification.
How about the common area?
Most common areas are well equipped with basic appliances and furnishings. Some buildings offer free laundry and some are equipped with coin laundry machines. Please ask our staff for more details for the building you are deciding on.
Can my friends visit my share house?
Friends can definitely come and visit you in the common area but we try to limit any overnight stays out of respect for other tenants. Also, some of our ECONOMY houses have very small common areas. This needs to be taken into consideration.
Are parties or events permitted in the common areas?
We plan events at various buildings and your friends are invited to attend as long as the house manager is notified in advance. Since the common areas are places where people can unwind after work or school, we ask that tenants respect others with noise levels at night.
Can I share a room with a friend?
We do allow for 'twin rooms' at select locations. For example, couples or friends who are studying at the same campus may want to save money by sharing a spacious room. Please make this request when you send an inquiry and we will do our best to find a good option for you.
Can friends or relatives stay overnight?
As a rule we do not permit it.. However, it may be possible depending on the location. We ask that you consult with the House Manager for more details.

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