Procedure from contract signing to move-in

Seeing our HOUSE

If you want to see our house

Please contact us by e-mail or FREE hotline (In Japan only) for more details.
Room Showing could be available between our business hour 10:00-18:00.
(Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday is OK)
◆Using E-mailing⇒Please go to the Inquiry Form
◆Using Telephone⇒FREE Hotline: 0120-37-0844(In Japan only and it could be worked from the mobile phone)

※About your Inquiry, please let us know the following details.

  • Which Guest House you want to see?(Ex. Hippo House Warabi)
  • What type of room are you looking for?(Ex. Single Room)
  • When do you want to come and see?(Ex. July 1st 10:00~)
House viewing day

Please go to our guest house directly.
Our staff who is waiting for you at the guest house.
◆ If you want to cancel and change your schedule
 ⇒Please contact our staff directly about 1 hour before the schedule.
◆ If you get lost
 ⇒Please contact the staff who has an appointment with you.


Reservation and Contract

How to make a reservation

Please contact us if you want to apply our guest house by e-mail or telephone.
◆ Using E-mailing⇒Please go to the Inquiry Form
◆ Using Telephone⇒FREE Hotline: 0120-37-0844(In Japan only and it could be work form mobile phone)
Please fill in the application form ‘入居申込書’ from the internet.
It can be downloded from this site

Confirm your booking

Please pay Move-in Fee(Deposit)by the bank transfer.
Deposit the fee to our designated account.

※In addition

  • Initial fee differs depending on each house.
  • You could not have a retuned if you want to cancel your reservation after you paid the bill.
  • As a general rule, please sign up a contact within 14 days after you made an reservation.
Contract and Move-in

In general, the contract is done at the house when you move-in.
At that time, we will give you the first rent payment invoice’清算書’ calcurated by the day rate.
Please deposit it to the designated account within 2 business days.

※Things you need for your contract

  • Japanese…【An identification card with photograph(Driver License, Passport and so on)】
  • Foreigner…【Passport with valid VISA】 Residence Card



If you want to move-out

Please contact us 1 month before your move-out schedule, filling in a Move-out Application form ‘退室届’ and hand in to us.
Example) If you want to move-out on 15 May⇒Please let us know by 15 April.
If you contact us on 1 April , you must pay the whole monthly rent.

3 days before your move-out date

Please let us know your move-out time. (We will assign a staff to check the room with you.
Please make your move-out time between 10:00~17:00

On your move-out date

Ready to cleaned your room (Like wiping the floor, sweeping the room, clean the fridge and so on)
Washing used futon cover set and do iron it as well. (Depending on the house)

※In addition
We will charge you to pay for the cleaning also if it is not well.

Return your key