Can I meet tenants before I move in?
We do not make such arrangements, but you may be able to meet some of the tenants when you come to see our rooms.
Do you ask for advance money?
No, we do not.
When a room becomes available, will you let us know?
No, we are afraid not. We cannot provide such notice, even if the room of your previous inquiry becomes available. Please look at our website or ask us by email or telephone.

Reservation Reservation

How can I reserve a room?
Please transfer 20,000 yen as an Initial fee to our bank account. You can reserve your room from 14days prior to the day of moving in. When we confirm the initial fee is transferred to our account, we regard the reservation as firm.

Lease agreement and moving in Lease agreement and moving in

Is there a weekly lease?
No, we are afraid not. Our lease is monthly or longer.
What do I need to conclude a lease contract?
Passport, foreigner’s registration certificate (if you have), a initial fee, and the first month rent.

Facilities and furniture Facilities and furniture

What are the rooms furnished with?
Each room is furnished with an air conditioner, a futon set (Japanese style bedclothes), a bed, a desk and a chair.
How about the common area?
There is a kitchen, dining room, lounge, shower room, laundry, air conditioner, large TV and toilet.

Friends Friends

Can I invite my friends?
Yes, you can invite male and female friends.
Can my friends stay night in the room?
As a rule, we do not permit it, but it may be possible depending on the room type. Then you need to tell us about your friend stay.