“Guest House” is a housing style where tenants use one house or condominium together. It is also referred to as a “Shared House”. Tenants share a living room, a kitchen, a shower and so on. As a result, the rent is less than in ordinary rental condominiums or apartments. This housing style is popularly known as “Gaijin House” to foreigners who live in Japan. Here tenants can live and enjoy cosmopolitan atmosphere, which is also cozy and homelike. It attracts young people from all over the world. “Guest Houses” are an increasingly popular housing style.

Hippo House does not require any deposit, reikin or guarantors. This house has a women only floor, a men only floor and mixed floors. So you can choose the floor that suits you. Additionally, each room is decorated in its own style. HIPPO HOUSE is a luxurious living space, where you can live a comfortable life and join a new community. Hippo House in Warabi is now open to applications from prospective tenants!


Oasis for everyone ~ our wish for HIPPO. 

HIPPO HOUSE consists of the first letters of the following words.


We named our house HIPPO HOUSE, reflecting our wish that this house will be a peaceful space where people gather from around the world. Hippo is an abbreviation of hippopotamus and hippopotamuses, like pigeons, evoke the image of something serene and content. So, our logo of a hippopotamus was designed.
People are coming to HIPPO HOUSE from various countries of the world. Here is an international atmosphere for those who want to polish their languages and those who aim at doing international businesses and activities.


Our Hippopotamus Logo:

Shortly after World War 2, a leading confectionary company used “Kaba” (Japanese for hippopotamus) for their company name, regarding “Kaba” as “a symbol of children’s dreams and peace”. From this, we hope you agree that a hippopotamus is an appropriate symbol for HIPPO HOUSE.