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International guest house. Meet friends from all over the world


Walk to JR Warabi or JR Kawaguchi and use the Keihin-Tohoku Line for great access to Tokyo. 



【Early Assets Campaign Execution! ! 】

◎ From 8/16 to 9/15
For people moving in!
Required application by 7/31

From Moon Moon
6 months rent
45,000 yen

※ It will be limited to 5 rooms · first come first served.
* Contract of 6 months or more is required


Hippo House Warabi is a share house which represents our catchphrase “Human
International Peaceful People’s Oasis”.

room1 room7

The house is popular among those who want to benefit from the international experience as many tenants are from various parts of the world. 


Address: 2-21-9 Shibanakata, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama
Traffic:15 minutes on foot from Warabi Station of JR Keihintohoku Line. 
Capacity: 36 room
Structure: 4-storied reinforced concrete building 


【Contract period】 
fixed term of 11months (renewable)

【Rent & Common Fee】
Please refer to [Vacancy list] above

※ Breakdown of Common Fee
Cleaning management fee · Electricity
Gas · Water fee · Internet usage fee (ALL INCLUDED)
Consumables expenses
(toilet paper, kitchen detergent, etc.)


【Initial cost】
Current month rent and next month’s rent
+Entrance fee : 30,000 yen(Tax not included)
+Cleaning fee at the time of departure:15,000 yen(Tax not included)
+Guarantor fee: 20% of total monthly rent (10,000 yen min.)


About The Guarantor Company

Cumpany name:
Global Trust Networks Co.,Ltd. (GTN)

● Guarantor Fee:
  20% of total monthly rent collected
(When it is less than 10,000 yen ,It will be 10,000 yen.)

● ① + ② documents required

Submission of a copy of the residence card
and Copy of passport is required

②Attribute certificate
For Students
Student:ID card
Before enrollment:Enrollment permit or acceptance notice

For Workers
In office : Health insurance card or salary details for three months
Before joining the company : An agency notice letter or employment contract

※ Family emergency contact in home country and Emergency contact in Japan
 are both necessary.


【Other expenses】
※ Contract Renewal Fee:
 15,000 yen(Tax not included)
※ When leaving Exit management fee
5,000 yen (Tax not included)


・Spraying Insecticide:8,000 yen(Tax not included)
・Bedding sales:10,000 yen(Tax not included)



Warabi is famous as the smallest city in Japan, or it’s Chinese character is not easy to
read. On the other hand, it is also well known as quite convenient area.
From Warabi station, you can go to Omiya, Ueno and Tokyo directry without changing
at all. If change at Akabane station, you can go to Ikebukuro, Shinjyuku and Yokohama via JR Saikyo Line and Shonan Shinjyouku Line.


Tobu Store in front of the station is convenient for shopping daily goods. In Warabi
Shimin Kouen, barbecue space is available on request basis. Aeon mall Kawaguchi is
also walking distance less than 10 minutes.


Indoor Equipment:Bed, internet available (free of charge), desk, chair, air conditioner, curtain, closet. Common Equipment:Kitchen, lounge&dining, shower rooms (3 showers for men and 3 for women), laundry (6washing machines, 4drier), air conditioner, large TV, bathroom



1F 共用スペース 男女共用フロア


2F&3F 男女共用フロア


4F 女性専用フロア