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International guest house. Meet friends from all over the world


Hippo House Mizuhodai opened in 2009 and has been a great option for people who commute to Tokyo and wish to be on the outskirts of the city. Mizuhodai offers great rates and a very comfortable living space. 



Single room
35,000 yen(month)

and…Entry Fee 15,000 yen 

* Common fee included
* first contract period only



Since opened in Feb. 2009, Hippo House Mizuhodai was well accepted by lots of tenants.

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This building was designed and built for sharehouse use from the beginning.
Without passing through common area, tenants are unable to reach one’s room.
This naturally made tenants greeting each other whenever going out or coming back
As a result, there is strong bond among tenants.
It takes 30 minutes to go to Ikebukuro via Tobu Tojyo Line. Also, Fukutoshin Line will
go to Shinjyuku 3 chome and Shibuya without making any change.


Address: 〒354-0017
        1-11-4 Harigaya, Fujimi-Shi, Saitama-ken

Capacity:37 Rooms
Structure:Steel Reinforced Concrete Construction 


【Contract period】 
fixed term 11months (maximum)


【Rent & Common Fee】
please refer [Vacancy list]on the above

※ Breakdown of Common Fee
Cleaning management fee · Electricity
Gas · Water fee · Internet usage fee
Consumables expenses
(toilet paper, kitchen detergent, etc.)


【Initial cost】
Current month rent and next month’s rent
+Entrance fee : 15,000Yen(Tax not included)
+fee at the time of departure:8,000Yen(Tax not included)
+Guarantee company initial fee :20% of total monthly rent


About The Guarantor Company

Company Name:
Global Trust Networks Co.,Ltd. (GTN)

● Guarantor Fee:
  20% of total monthly rent collected
(When it is less than 10,000 yen ,It will be 10,000 yen.)

● ① + ② documents required

Submission of a copy of the residence card
and Copy of passport is required

② Attribute certificate
For Students: 
Student:ID card
Before enrollment:Enrollment permit or acceptance notice

For Workers:
In office : Health insurance card or salary details for three months
Before joining the company : An agency notice letter or employment contract

※ Family emergency contact in home country Emergency contact in Japan
 Is necessary


【Other expenses】
※ Contract Renewal Fee:
 15,000Yen(Tax not included)
※ Move-out Administrative Fee
5,000 yen (Tax not included)


・Spraying Insecticide:8,000 yen(Tax not included)
・Bedding sales:20,000 yen(Tax not included)




Mizuhodai is one of station of Tobu Tojyo Line which provide services for 75 kilometer
between Ikebukuro and Yorii. This Line is quite convenient thorough sharing tracks with another company. Without making any change, you can go to Nagatacho,
Yurakucho, Ginza 1 chome via Yurakucho Line, and can go to Shibuya and Yokohama
via Fukutoshin Line.

From Mizuhodai, it takes 25 minutes to Ikebukuro, 40 minutes to Shinjyuku 3 chome, 50 minutes to Shibuya, and 80 minutes to Yokohama (Motomachi, China town)



Tobu store located in Mizuhodai station is convenient for shopping. Also LaLa port
Fujimidai in Tsuruse which is the next station is quite big size. So, there is no need
To everytime go to Tokyo for shopping.

From Mizuhodai, it takes only 11 minutes to go to Kawagoe which is often called as
Small Edo. It is good to visit there for sightseeing especially when your friend visits


Common Equipment

Wireless Internet        TV
Microwave           Shower room
Rice cooker             Toilet
Toaster                                        Wash stand
Juicer                     Washing machine(¥200/Time)
Kitchen stuff           Drier(¥100/30 Min)
Vacuum cleaner 

Room Equipment
Desk & Chair
Storage shelf
Wireless Internet

Room Key + Auto -lock Entrance + Security camera

No curfew, Resident card registrable, Lockable mailbox for each room
Common space (Except for the kitchen) is cleaned by the house cleaner