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International guest house. Meet friends from all over the world


Hippo House Urawa was newly opened in Jan. 2016. It is only 4 minutes walk to Kitaurawa station of Keihin Tohoku Line which has good access to center of Tokyo.  Also, 22 minutes walk to Urawa station where you can use, Ueno Tokyo Line, Shonan Shinjyuku Line.


 Hippo House Urawa was newly opened in Jan. 

It is only 4 minutes walk to Kitaurawa station of Keihin Tohoku Line which has good access to center of Tokyo. 


The house has wide space in kitchecn area, Wooddeck, Delivery Box in common area.
The room with enough furnitures. So this is the best choice for those who want to keep the privacy.
Rent Contract with limitted term: Minimum 1 month/Maximum 2 years (renewable)
Room rent/Common fee:
  Yen 51,000~55.000/month  Room rent
  Yen 12,000  Common fee
  Common fee covers internet connection, with WiFi, cunsumables such as
  toilet paper, dishes liquid and other detergents. cleaning in commen area
  3~4 times/week by professional cleaner.
Guarantee fee: Yen 1,890~2,010 (3% of monthly rent amount)
Payment method of room rent
+Automatic bank account debt 
   26th of every month(This becomes following business day,if 26th falls on bank holiday.
+There are some other payment method available for those who do not have bank account
  in Japan.
Initial cost
・Yen 10,000  Move in fee ( One time only. This is depreciated)
・Yen 10,000  Guarantee fee (Renewed annually)
・Yen 15,000  Move out fee (
・First month Room rent and common fee are calculated on daily basis.
    If the move in date is between 25th and month end, we will charge
    room rent and common fee of the following month, together.
Move out
One month prior notice is required to move out, in case to move out before matsurity date of the contract.
If you want to leave on 15th july under the contract with matsurity 31 Dec, for example,
move out notice must reach to the management by 16th Jun.
Other cost
・Yen 15,000  Reneal fee (
・Yen 15,000  Room change fee (
・Yen   1,500  Bike parking (if needed)(
・Yen      200  Coin laundry, Yen 100 coin dryer
                        +available between 7:00~24:00
・Free     Shower (available 24 hours)
・UB               Need prior reservation.
                       ( Max 60 minutes including it’s cleaning)
・Yen 10,000  BeddingTental (if needed)(
House rule
・Non Smoking in the hole building ( there is smoking corner outside of the building.
・Visitors such as family, friends between 10:00~22:00 can enter into the house on approval basis.
・Visitora such as family and friends can stay with cost Yen 1,000/night on approval basis.
・Twin rooms are available.
・Targetted age: 18~40 years old person


Times to terminal stations
  7 minutes to Omiya
18 to Akabane
30 to Ikebukuro
33 to Shinjyuku 
36 to Tokyo
40 to Shinbashi
Around the house:
  3 minutes to Family Mart
10 Ieon
  3 Starbuks
  3 Doutor Coffee
  2 Hyappo Ramen
  5  Mcdonalds