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HIPPOHOUSE Twelve Narimasu

Hippo House Twelve Narimasu was built in Jun. 2017. 

HIPPOHOUSE Twelve Narimasu


June tenancy 5 rooms first-come
first-served campaign

Moving next month rent 
half price!

※A contract of 7 months or longer is required.
※ In the case of cancellation in the middle of the period 1 month rent for the rent
I will charge you a penalty fee


Hippo House Twelve Narimasu was built in Jun. 2017.


In Narimasu ,3 lines such as Tobu Tojyo Line, Fukutoshin Line and Yurakucho Line are available. You can go to Ikebukuro, Shinjyuku 3 chome and Shibuya directly without making any change.Each room has Air conditioner ,Desk, Bed,Clothepole,Hanger, Refrigerator,.
You can move in right after credit approval is obtained. Please feel free to ask any


2-37-14, Akatsuka, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

Tobu Tojo Line Narimasu Sta 10 mins on foot
Yurakucho Line Chikatetsu Akatsuka 10 mins on foot
Fukutoshin Line Chikatetsu Akatsuka 10 mins on foot


【Contract period】 
fixed term 11month (maximum)

【Rent & Common Fee】
please refer [Vacancy list]on the above

※ Breakdown of Common Fee
Cleaning management fee · Electricity
Gas · Water fee · Internet usage fee
Consumables expenses
(toilet paper, kitchen detergent, etc.)


【Initial cost】
Current month rent and next month’s rent
+Entrance fee : 15,000Yen(Tax not included)
+Cleaning fee at the time of departure:20,000Yen(Tax not included)
+Guarantee company initial fee :20% of total monthly rent


About Guaranter Cumpany

Cumpany name:
Global Trust Networks Co.,Ltd.

●Guarantee charge:
  20% of total monthly rent collected
(When it is less than 10,000 yen ,It will be 10,000 yen.)

●① + ② documents required

Submission of a copy of the residence card
and Copy of passport is required

②Attribute certificate
A student
Student:ID card
Before enrollment:Enrollment permit or acceptance notice

In office : Health insurance card or salary details for three months
Before joining the company : An agency notice letter or employment contract

※Family emergency contact in home country Emergency contact in Japan
 Is necessary


【Other expenses】
※Re-contract office fee
 15,000Yen(Tax not included)
※When leaving Exit management fee
5,000Yen(Tax not included)


【Other applicants only】
・Spraying Insecticide:8,000Yen(Tax not included)
・Bedding sales:20,000Yen(Tax not included)


Since Fukutoshin Line started their services, Narimasu becomes much more convenient
than before. Via Fukutoshin Line, you can go to Shinjyuku, Shibuya, and Yokohama
without making any change.Some trains originates from Narimasu. So, it is easy to get a seat for commuting From Narimasu, it takes 25 minutes to Shinjyuku 3 chome and 30 minutes to Shibuya.You can live in quite convenient location with reasonable rent price.


Seiyu store in front of Narimasu station and My Bascket near by Akatsuka station
are convenient for shopping. Hikarigaoka Park is 15 minutes walking distance and
a public bath called OFURONO OOSAMA is 7 minutes on foot.