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Hippo House Kanamachi was built in Jan. 2017 



Hippo House Kanamachi was built in Jan. 2017. Kanamachi borders both Chiba and Saitama prefectures. Great access to Ueno, Akihabara, Kashiwa, or Funabashi.    

It is quite easy to access the center of Tokyo via the Chiyoda Line. The Keisei Kanamachi Line also allows good access to areas in Chiba such as Kashiwa and Funabashi. Kanamachi used to be a very quiet area but has changed in recent years with lots of redevelopment and new business. This location has been popular among students of the Tokyo University of Science campus in Kashiwa. A brand new sharehouse with stylish furnishings and fully equipped common area; comfortable, safe and secure at a very reasonable rent rate (35,000 yen – first floor, 37,000 yen – second floor).        

ADDRESS: 5-5-13, Kanamachi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 125-0042, Japan
Nearest Station: South Exit of Kanamachi Station on the JOBAN LINE (9 minute walk) 

UENO in 30 minutes * KASHIWA in 20 minutes * AKIHABARA in 30 minutes * OMOTESANDO in 40 minutes * FUNABASHI in 30 minutes


【Contract period】 
Fixed Term, 11 months (renewable)

【Rent & Common Fee】
Please refer to the Vacancy Section with rates and initial fees.

※ Breakdown of Common Fee
Cleaning management fee · Electricity
Gas · Water fee · ALL INCLUDED 
Consumables expenses
(toilet paper, kitchen detergent, etc.)


【Initial cost】
+Entrance fee: 15,000 yen(Tax not included)
+Cleaning fee: 20,000 yen(Tax not included)
+Guarantor company fee: 20% of total monthly rent


About The Guarantor Company

Company Name:
Global Trust Networks Co.,Ltd. (GTN)

●Guarantor Fee:
20% of the total monthly rent
(When the monthly rent is less than 10,000 yen, the Guarantor fee will be 10,000 yen)

●① + ② Documents Required

Submission of a copy of Alien Registration Card 
and Copy of passport is required

②Attribute certificate (For Students)
Student:ID card
Before enrollment: Enrollment permit or acceptance notice is sufficient.

For Workers
Health insurance card or salary details for three months
Before joining the company: Proof of employment or employment contract

※Family emergency contact in home country + an Emergency contact in Japan
 Is necessary. 


【Other expenses】
※ Contract Renewal Administrative Fee
 15,000Yen(Tax not included)
※ Move out Administrative Fee
5,000Yen (Tax not included)


・Spraying Insecticide: 8,000 yen (Tax not included)
・Bedding sales: 20,000 yen(Tax not included)          


Kanamachi station (Joban Line) has great access to the central points of Tokyo such as Ochanomizu, Otemachi, and Yoyogi Uehara via Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line. It takes only 22 minutes to Shin Ochanomizu, 25 minutes to Otemachi and 45 minutes to Yoyogi Uehara station without transferring. It is also convenient to go to Funabashi area via the Keisei Line with one transfer at Keisai Takasago station.


A 41 storey big tower mansion called ‘Vinasis Kanamachi’ is a symbol of
redevelopment in the Kanamachi area. The Tokyo University of Science is located nearby
on the other side of railroad. The area around the station has plenty of little shops, restaurants, cafes, to meet your needs. We also recommend that you visit ‘Mizumoto Park’ which is a beautiful and peaceful place to relax away from the busy city life. If you look hard enough you can find places that allow barbecues and picnic style gatherings. You may forget that you are in Tokyo! This town offers a bit of everything: some nature, shopping, convenience, and affordable rates.