Property List

International guest house. Meet friends from all over the world


Location of the house is in the middle of living area. Each room has enough built in furnitures. The house has airy rooms that have lots of sunshine.


Room rent:
Yen 55,000/month  
If the rent period is less than 6 months!

Common fee:
Yen 12,000/month!


School / Corporate sales customers
Call for Daichikosan



DK House Warabi joined to Hippo House family in Sep. 2017. Since then, lots of

Japanese and Non-Japanese have been living there with quite international
atmosphere. Being as a big house with 146 single rooms, you can enjoy facility such as
big dining area, training jym, chatting room, Japanese Tatami room.

共用部リビング 居室


2-32-5 Minami-machi, Warabi-shi, Saitama pref. 335-0003, Japan

Number of rooms:
146 rooms (each room is 13.2 ㎡)

Furniture and equipment:
Wooden furnitures, Closet, Air conditioner, Desk, Chair
Bed with drawer, Refrigerator.
Wi-fi is available in each room and common area in the ground floor.


Contract period: Minimum 3 months

Initial Cost:
Yen 21,600 Move in fee
Yen 10,000 Guarantee fee (Ithinkrent 4.25% of monthly rent amount)
Yen 10,800 Move out fee

In addition to the above, the first and second month room rent and common fee
is required at the time of move in.

Room rent:
Yen 45,000/month If the rent period is less than 6 months.

Common fee:
Yen 12,000/month

Common fee covers internet connection, with WiFi, cunsumables such as
toilet paper, dishes liquid and other detergents. cleaning in commen area
5 times/week by professional cleaner.


【Contract period】 
fixed term 11month (maximum)

【Rent & Common Fee】
please refer [Vacancy list]on the above

※ Breakdown of Common Fee
Cleaning management fee · Electricity
Gas · Water fee · Internet usage fee
Consumables expenses
(toilet paper, kitchen detergent, etc.)


【Initial cost】
Current month rent and next month’s rent
+Entrance fee : 15,000Yen(Tax not included)
+Cleaning fee at the time of departure:20,000Yen(Tax not included)
+Guarantee company initial fee :20% of total monthly rent


About Guaranter Cumpany

Cumpany name:
Global Trust Networks Co.,Ltd.

●Guarantee charge:
  20% of total monthly rent collected
(When it is less than 10,000 yen ,It will be 10,000 yen.)

●① + ② documents required

Submission of a copy of the residence card
and Copy of passport is required

②Attribute certificate
A student
Student:ID card
Before enrollment:Enrollment permit or acceptance notice

In office : Health insurance card or salary details for three months
Before joining the company : An agency notice letter or employment contract

※Family emergency contact in home country Emergency contact in Japan
 Is necessary


【Other expenses】
※Re-contract office fee
 15,000Yen(Tax not included)
※When leaving Exit management fee
5,000Yen(Tax not included)


【Other applicants only】
・Spraying Insecticide:8,000Yen(Tax not included)
・Bedding sales:20,000Yen(Tax not included)




From Nishikawaguchi station, you can go to both Omiya and Tokyo direction directly
without making any change. By changing once at Akabane station, visiting Shinjyuku,
Shibuya and Yokohama is very easy.



In Nishikawaguchi 1 bangai,,there are lots of small size restaurants and pubs are available. There is big Don Quijote nearby station and big hospital called Kawaguchi Sogo Hospital in 20 minutes walking distance.