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bureau d Libre

Shared house 3 minutes from Tokyu-Oimachi Line 「Ebaramachi」station 


bureau d Libre


“BUREAU D LIBRE” is Fashionable, Cleaned Share house.
It takes only within 25min to Tokyo main-area(Shinagawa, Tokyo & Shibuya Sta.).
Station is very close ; it’s in a quiet residential area. 
Info about building(*having 20 rooms): 
[1F] Public floor
[2, 3F]women-only floor & 2 kitchen(IH is equiped)
No keys- You’ll use ID number, instead of key(So, you don’t have to worry about losing it!)
Free WiFi, Showers- available any time!

Address: 〒142-0053
5-11-10, Nakanobu, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Capasity:20 rooms(Single room)

Room Facilities:Bed/Fridge/Air conditioner/Desk/Chair/Wi-Fi
Public Facilities:Living room & Kitchen (2)・Bath room (3)・Wash room(3)・Bath room(toilet)(3)・Laundry(3)・Driers(2)
Public Devices:PC(1)・TV・Air conditioner・Vaccum cleaner(2)・Microwave(2)・Pot
Administration:Patrol/1~2 times per Week
Cleaning of public space: 3 times / week
Qualifying age:18 yer old~40 yer old

[Initial Cost]

Moving Fee  10,000yen+TAX
Guarantee charge: 10,000yen  Surety company:J-LEASE Co.,LTD.
Administration of move out costs: 15,000yen+TAX
First month rent  and utilities(daily payment)+Next month rent and utilities

[Term of contracat]
From 3 months ~  2 years (Possible to re-contract)
※Please contact us if less than 3 months

[Monthly rent]
45,000yen ~  55,000yen (The price depends on rooms)

[Monthly utilities]

[Breakdown of utilities]
Common space cleaning, Electricity, Gas, Water rates.
Expendable supplies(Toilet paper, Dishwashing detergent, Hand soap)

[Monthly guarantee charge]
2% of amount of rent including utilities (1,200 yen to 1,300 yen)

[Surety company]

[Payment method]
Direct debit

Transfer Date: 26th of every month(If banking institution is a holiday, transfer date is next business day)

※Please contact us if do not have bank account.

[Other Fees]
Re-contact fee   10,000yen+TAX
Re-location fee  10,000yen+TAX

 Coin laundry      Washing machine 200yen/once     Drying machine 100yen/30 min
※Usage time: From 7:00~23:00

Showers   Free and available any time



Traffic: Tokyu Oimachi line “Ebara-machi st.” 3 min by foot

Tokyu Oimachi line &Tokyu Ikegami”Hatanodai st.” 9 min by foot



1F 2F 3F